Unrelenting Commitment to the Unfinished Task

Unrelenting Commitment to the Unfinished Task

John 4:34-35; Matthew 9:36-38; 28:18-20; Acts 23:10-11

We bear the torch that flaming fell from the hands of those who gave their lives proclaiming that Jesus died and rose; ours is the same commission, the same glad message ours; fired by the same ambition, to you we yield our powers.”

Facing a Task Unfinished by Frank Houghton

P1. The Description of the Unfinished Task

Joshua 13: 1-6; Matthew 28:18-20; Judges 1: 21,27,29,30,31,-36

U – Uncovering the light and shine.

N – Nurturing new converts.

F – Fostering unity and fellowship.

I – Igniting spiritual transformation.

N – Navigating cultural barriers.

I – Inspiring hearts with compassion.

S – Sharing the message of salvation.

H – Healing the broken hearts.

E – Empowering the downtrodden.

D – Delivering hope to the despairing.

P2. The Dire Dangers of Leaving the Unfinished Task Undone

1 Samuel 15:1-11; Deuteronomy 20:16–18; Judges 3:5–6

Every believer bears the mandate to engage in the collective responsibility of addressing the unfinished tasks. Failures to play our part in the designated areas the Lord has positioned us carry inherent dangers:

D – Divine Purpose Unfulfilled

A – Areas Left Unoccupied

N – Neglected Roles and Responsibilities

G – Growth and Revival Hindered

E – Eternal Consequences for the Unreached

R – Regions Left in Darkness

S – Souls Untouched and at Risk

P3. Souls Untouched and at Risk

Joshua 13:1-7; Romans 1:14-16; Acts 13:1-3

D – Divine Commission Acknowledged: Joshua 13:1-7

E – Eager to Evangelize: Romans 1:14-16

V – Venture into the Unknown: Acts 13:1-3

O – Offering Ourselves to the Mission: Mark 16:15-20

T – Total Trust in God for Transformative Impact: Proverbs 3:5-6

I – Intentionality in Spreading the Message: Romans 1:14-16

O – Overcoming Obstacles with Devotion: Acts 13:4-9; 43-52

N – Nurturing a Culture of Evangelism: Acts 17:1-3