Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Youth Ministry branch of Deeper Life Bible Church, Finland, a place dedicated to nurturing hearts, inspiring minds, and strengthening faith. Here, we embark on a shared journey of growth, discovering the beauty of Christian values in the context of modern life. Through engaging content, vibrant discussions, and a supportive community, we invite you to explore, learn, and deepen your connection with Christ and fellow youth. Join us as we strive for excellence, guided by the light of our faith, and embrace a purpose-driven life together.


Step into a realm of inspiration with “Youths for Excellence,” the premier newsletter of Deeper Life Bible Church, Finland’s Youth Ministry. Designed exclusively for the dynamic young audience, our newsletter is a beacon of motivation and faith. Uniting the timeless wisdom of Christianity with the aspirations of modern life, we offer a platform for personal and spiritual growth. Through insightful articles, captivating stories, and interactive experiences, “Youths for Excellence” empowers you to strive for the best in all you do. Join us in this journey of purpose and community as we pursue excellence together, guided by our shared Christian values.

ISSUE 1Insighful Details about FriendshipDownload/Read
ISSUE 2For Glory or Gory?Read
ISSUE 3The Icky VoiceRead
ISSUE 4There’s Greatness In YouRead
ISSUE 5You are not aloneRead
ISSUE 6Drug AbuseRead
ISSUE 7There’s a purpose to achieveRead

Meeting Days

Discover meaningful connections and spiritual growth in our meetings, held every 1st Saturday of the Month at 11:00. Join us as we come together to learn, share, and uplift each other on this faith-filled journey.