Fellowship, Faithfulness and Forgiveness in the Family

Fellowship, Faithfulness and Forgiveness in the Family

Psalm 128:1-6

The importance of the Christian family cannot be overemphasised. It is the first and basic unity of every society; in fact, the nursery from which the nucleus of the church, the society and the state is transplanted.

 The condition of any church, society and nation, therefore, is a direct reflection of the condition of the families.

For any family to function as God intended, three key ingredients must be present: Faithfulness ought to be the bedrock; whereas fellowship beautifies the family. When cracks begin to emerge it is forgiveness that bolsters and binds the family together.

“The family circle is the supreme conductor of Christianity” -Drummond.

P1. Fellowship: The Beauty of the Christian Family

Psalm 133:1-3; 127:3-5; I Peter 3:1-8; 1 Corinth.13:4-7; 1 John 1:5-7;

It is fellowship that beautifies the Christian family:

F – Fellows-ship

E – Empathy and encouragement

L – Love

L – Laughter

O – Obedience

W – Worship

S – Submission

H -Happiness

I – Interaction

P – Patience

P2. Faithfulness: The Bedrock of the Christian  Family

Hebrews 13:4; Malachi 2:14-16; Proverbs 5:15-21; Ephesians 5:22-25

God demands mutual faithfulness in the family:

F – Fairness and fidelity

A – Appreciation and accommodation

I – Intimacy and integrity

T – Trust and truthfulness

H – Humility and honesty

F – Friendliness with firmness

U – Unity and understanding

L – Loyalty to the marital vows

“If family religion were duly attended to and properly discharged, I think the preaching of the Word would not be the common instrument of conversion”


3. Forgiveness: The Binder of the Christian Family

Luke 17:1-5; Matthew 18:7,21-35; Ephesians 4:26,27-32; Col. 3:19; 1 Peter 3:8-11

Forgiveness is the perfect binder when the family falls apart :

F – Faults and failures

O – Oppression and opposition

R – Rejections and rancour

G – Grudges and grumbling

I – Insults and insubordination

V – Violence and victimisation

E – Emotional abuse and egotism (selfishness)

“Forgiveness is not that stripe which says, “I will forgive, but not forget.” It is not to bury the hatchet with the handle sticking out of the ground, so you can grasp it the minute you want it” -Moody.