2024 Revival Service

2024 Revival Service

weapon of prayer

The Unfailing Power of the Weapon of Prayer

Mark 11:24; John 16:23-24; 1 John 5:14; Daniel 10:12-13 Unfailing prayer is a steadfast, unwavering, and consistent prayer of faith.    P1. Potent Prayers For Persistent Problems Luke 18:1-7; 1 Kings 18:41-46; James 5:13-16; Acts 12:1-3,5; 2 Kings 20:1-6 Potent prayer is like the rod of Moses in Egypt and in the wilderness, it works wonders P2. Persistent Pursuit of Unfailing Prayer Luke 11:1-4; 1 Timothy 2:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Acts 3:1;  Acts 16:16; 1:14; 4:24-26 Knowing the power of unfailing…
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The Secret Place of the Most High

Psalm 91:1; Matthew 13:44 Peace and security have proven to be issues of critical concern for everyindividual, families and nations. In fact, there are nations that spend more on their military and defencethan public health and education. The greatest treasure any individual can have, is to discover and dwellin the secret place of the Most High. What are the secrets to enjoying the security from the secret placeof the Most High? “Blessed are the single-hearted, for they shall enjoy much…